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It is a matter of * Info It is a matter of In the case of a hint, the required further examination and measures will be initiated. In the case of a request, however, you will receive a response to the question posed. There will be no further processing. This means that you can obtain information on how certain conduct or planned conduct will be assessed.
If you desire a personal meeting, you automatically accept queries so that the time and place of the meeting can be coordinated with you. If you wish, you can also enter your telephone number or email address for direct contact.
Accept queries If you wish to permit a response relating to a notification, the notification system will provide you with a user token. In combination with a password you determine, you can obtain any queries anonymously within the notification system and – should you wish – can respond to them anonymously. Please note that access to queries is only possible with a combination of the user token and your password. If you lose this data, for security reasons nobody - absolutely nobody - can retrieve the access data. In that case you can of course enable a new notification with reference to the previous matter.
If you wish, you can specify your name. In this case, you renounce your anonymity.
Attach files Info Attach files You can send documents in the form of images or PDF data files. Please note that the maximum size of a data file is 8MB. If you wish to protect your anonymity, please verify prior to sending data files that they do not contain any reference to your identity.
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Spam protection * Info Spam protection In order to prevent so-called spambots filling the notification form automatically with spam and sending it, the slider was integrated in front of the "send" button. Move the slider from left to right before sending, thus activating the form.
Please move the slider to the right side to unlock the form.

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